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【国旗下演讲】 做一名优秀的郑外人(2022届2班)

阅读数:117 更新时间:2019-10-08

【国旗下演讲】 老师,我想对您说(2022届2班)

 2022届 2班  班主任:刘晓宇



护旗手:李家昕  段雨萌













Honorable teachers and dear classmates,

Good morning! Today our topic is To be excellent students of ZhengzhouExperimental  Foreign Language Middle School

In this golden fall, the air isfull of the fragrance of sweet osmanthus. A month ago,we entered the beautiful school-- Zhengzhou Experimental Foreign Language MiddleSchool. We started a new journey and gradually fell in love with this piece of Harvardred and tried to be excellent students of our School.

So, how to be excellent students of Zhengzhou Experimental Foreign LanguageMiddle School?

First of all, we are supposed to understand the rules and keep theetiquette. Chinese old saying says, “Nothing can be accomplished without normsor standards.” As a member of Zhengzhou Experimental Foreign Language Middle School,we should be able toconsciously abide daily code of conduct made for middle school students. Theancient people said, “Do not fall to do good even if it is small.” That is tosay, we should obey the rules from us, from tiny, from now. Only in this waycan we have a more orderly school, so we can create a more harmonious campuslife and learning atmosphere.

As an excellent student of Zhengzhou Experimental Foreign Language Middle School,we need to cherish the time and love reading. As the saying goes, “No learningearly, more regrets later.” Knowledge can change the world as well as our life,and learning is important for every one of us. We are in the golden age oflife, so we need to cherish the time, and love learning.

    To be an excellent student of ZhengzhouExperimental Foreign Language Middle School, we should have dreams and try tomake them come true. If the life of everyone is a boat, the dream is the boat’ssail. During the processes of achieving our dreams, there must be some difficulties.We should dare to face them and overcome them.

Where there is a willthere is a way. My dear fellow students, let’s make it as amotto. It will inspire all of us to achieve more. Thereis always a day, our school will be proud of us.

So much for our speech. Thanks for listening!